Low-Pressure House Washing

Soft wash pressure washing is the new phrase that is being used much more these days in the pressure washing, power washing, and roof cleaning industry. What it means, is that you are performing exterior cleaning using a much lower amount of pressure than most pressure washing companies are associated with. Many pressure washing companies only use high pressure to clean. This can damage most of the surfaces on your property.

Our cleaning method is very safe both for our employees and your property. As you know, high pressure may cause damage to many surfaces such as vinyl, aluminum, stucco and wood. Our low pressure cleaning method allows us to safely and effectively clean all surfaces without the risk of causing damage.

Gutter Cleaning and Brightening

Our gutter cleaning service includes the cleaning of the insides of the gutters and the downspouts. This is to ensure that rainwater can flow properly. Our service also includes the cleanup of all debris the gutters.

Let us brighten up your gutters! Don’t forget to schedule your Gutter Brightening Service when having your gutters cleaned by us. Have you noticed those ugly black streaks on your gutters? Or the fact that your gutters just aren’t white anymore but more of a light or dark gray color? If you’ve ever tried, you’re sure to have found that mere water pressure (no matter how strong) won’t touch the black streaks and gray haze. That’s because those stains are caused by oxidation. The best way to clean out rain gutters is by pressure washing them. It requires a special cleaning solution as well as the right application/agitation in order to remove the stains. We specialize in this process and have successfully performed it again and again.

Pure Water Window Cleaning

Dirty windows are among the first thing people notice about a home. They are also one of the most neglected house chores, and for good reason!

When cleaning windows, we use a purified water system with a water fed pole for most of our cleanings. This allows us to get a streak-free shine that lasts! We clean almost all windows from the ground with our water fed pole.

Pure water cleaning is safe, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. It also cleans better, since it is contaminant-free, it acts like a magnet, attracting dirt and oxidation from frames and rinses it away leaving only a streak-free, spot-free shine! We can also clean most second and third story windows safely from the ground with-out the need for ladders!

From a basic exterior window cleaning to a deep cleaning interior and exterior package. You can rest assured that you will receive the best quality cleaning no matter what package you choose.

Concrete / Hardscape Cleaning

Pressure washing uses the power of highly pressurized water to give you a thorough cleaning. This concentrated water power can be adjusted to debris from almost any exterior surface.

Here at XTREME Power Wash we have unsurpassed expertise when it comes to Concrete / Hardscape Cleaning. With our adjustable pressure settings, our variety of naturally friendly cleaning products and our heated steam abilities, we can remove dirt, oil stains, grime, mold, algae, and debris from many types of driveways, patios, & sidewalks.

Fence & Deck Washing

With the change of seasons in the DMV area your fences and decks most likely get exposed to pollution, pollen, dirt, and moisture every day. You will start to see the effects that this exposure has on your wood decks and fences. The fence may look discolored and dingy in some areas. Mildew may start to grow in the dark corners of your deck.

Pressure washing from our professional crews eliminates these and other problems so you can enjoy the beauty that your decks and fences had when they were new.

We can also use non-toxic detergents when tackling difficult projects that don’t respond to pressure washing. We choose safe detergents to protect the health of your family, pets, plants, and property.

Painting – Interior & Exterior

Another of our areas of specialty here at XTREME Power Wash and Painting, just happens to be painting! The same pros that you trust for cleaning your property’s exterior surfaces can now also take care of your interior and exterior painting needs.

We offer the following painting services:

  • Ceilings
  • Walls
  • Drywall-Repairs
  • Trim
  • Crown Moulding
  • Chair Rails
  • Doors

Non Pressure Roof Washing

Our roof cleaning process at XTREME is similar to our house washing process. We always use a safe, low pressure cleaning solution that removes black streaks, algae, moss, and lichen.

Our roof washing technique is designed to remove unsightly roof stains, which can take away from the overall appearance of the home or business structure. Importantly, however, our roof washing also effectively destroys organisms and debris that would otherwise erode the roof surface if left unchecked.

You can protect the investment you’ve made in your home or business by keeping your roof clean. Trust the experienced team at XTREME for a safe, thorough, and effective roof and gutter cleaning.

Our environmentally responsible roof cleaning solutions include an algaecide formula to clean with long-lasting effects. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your annual roof cleaning with our dedicated experts.